The NFT Collection You Create

Commission your very own NFT to sell in the collection and receive % of sales, collect from a selection of community submitted NFTs, PLUS share in the secondary market with monthly Airdrops

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How does it work?

  1. Purchase a JAMES NFT, your coupon for a commission
  2. Commission your own NFT into the collection
  3. Collect % revenue of your NFT sales
  4. Share and support other community submitted NFTs

Collect a JAMES

As a first time owner your JAMES NFT also doubles as the ticket to commission your very own NFT entry in to the collection. Holders of the JAMES NFT also get other utilities, including access to the "Beach Hut Picks" collection & monthly Airdrops.

Create Your Own NFT

Suggest an iconic entry you want to be added to the collection and I'll create it for you.
PLEASE NOTE: Once an icon has been added as an NFT to the collection they cannot be suggested again.

Sell Your NFT

Now that your NFT is made and added to the collection it's time to share it with the community and see if you can snag a collector or two. Your NFT will be minted 5/5 and we split 3/2, you choose what to hold or list from your 3 before the listing starts.

Collect and Share

You will receive ALL of the total sales from your 3 NFTs, once they're gone I will list the remaining 2. Feel free to collect from an incredible selection of other members NFTs and even commission more of your own.


Community Commissioned NFTs














Return on Investment

The projects model is designed protect your initial investment by allowing you to easily recoup the upfront costs.

Many collectors decide to keep 1 of their commissioned NFTs and let the other 2 be sold, this method covers all the initial investment and you are left with 2 NFTs technically for free. Of course you are free to keep or sell as many of your 3 as you wish, you could always hold them all and sell on the secondary market.

JAMES are priced @ 0.05ETH each.

(this is your NFT to keep PLUS your ticket to commission an NFT entry into the colleciton)

User NFTs are 5/5 @ 0.03ETH each.

(3 are owned by you)

More utility beyond your commission.

There are bi-weekly ETH airdrops, exclisive raffles & giveaways, PLUS access to future GEN tickets and projects


How Do I Get Involved?

Once you have acquired your JAMES NFT you should join our Discord server if you are not there already. Alternatively you can send me a DM on Twitter to arrange your pick.

Choose your pick carefully as you will not be able to change it once the work has begun.

Your NFT pick will be hand painted by myself in the same style as the other entries in the collection. I will work to create the best likeness possible while at the same time making the final NFT fit visually in the style of the collection.

There is also the option to not make your pick just yet! You are able to hold on to your ticket and keep the "legacy" status intact. This could add value to your ticket over time as you will be able to sell to future secondary owner with the commission utility still intact.

If you have other picks to include please feel free to acquire more JAMES NFTs

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